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RotaTrim PowerTech PT950 Rotary Trimmer - 38" 950mm Cutter (Stand not included)


PT950 - Rotatrim’s PowerTech ‘PT’ rotary cutters, trimmers are available in a range of sizes from 650mm – 2500mm utilising only the finest quality and precision engineered components including Sheffield Steel self-sharpening precision blades.

It is a heavy-duty large format precision trimmer which will cut most flexible materials up to 1.0mm to 3.0mm in thickness (Cut thickness dependant on speed variant). The rotary cutters, trimmers are hand assembled by skilled engineers at their UK, Bedford manufacturing base and are unrivalled in quality, accuracy, reliability and longevity.


All PowerTech trimmers come complete with foot-pedal, mains power cable and a spare cutting wheel.


Machine Speed Variants

The PowerTech is available in both normal speed and high speed variants. The normal speed variant cuts at 0.5M/sec and has more torque so is better for trimming heavier materials. The high speed version cuts at 1.0M/sec and is better where lighter materials (generally up to 1.0mm) in thickness are being cut. On the high speed machine, it is also possible to remove the RCC plate (as it is used for thinner materials), to allow for a cut to be performed in both directions.

Available in a range of sizes from 650mm – 2500mm


100% Manufactured in the UK

Backed by a 1 year guarantee and a full range of spares and accessories


The PowerTech ‘PT’ rotary cutter, trimmer will cut:

Aluminium (0.5mm), Banners, Canvas, Card, Cellophane, Cibachrome, Cork, Corrugated Card, Craft Paper, Crepe Paper, Digital Prints, Encapsulations, Engraving Laminates, Felt, Floor Graphics, Foil, Hardboard (2.0mm), Heatseal, Honeycomb, Inkjet Paper, Laminations, Leather, Lithoplate, Magnetic Vinyl, Masonite (2.0mm), MDF (2.0mm), Mountboard, Paper, Photo Film, Photo Paper, Polyester, Polystyrene, Pop-ups, Posters, Reflective Film, Self Adhesive Film, Shimsteel, Silkscreen, Tissue Paper, Transparencies, Veneers, Vinyl


  • – Powered trimmer with foot pedal operation
  • – Two speed variants available: normal (0.5M/sec) or high (1.0M/sec)
  • – Self-lifting clamp mechanism enables a single user to evenly cut large materials
  • – Overload protection feature
  • – Ultra hard Sheffield D2 ‘Tool Steel’€™ self-sharpening, precision engineered blades
  • – Large single square stainless steel guide rail completely eliminates head swivel
  • – Aluminium baseboard, end frames, head and side rule
  • - Paper size guide: A1+ landscape
  • - Cutter dimensions & weight: 1695mm x 340mm - 51.7kg
  • - Max cutting length: 950mm
  • - Cut Capacity: 1.0mm - 3.0mm (Upto 3. mm - Normal speed version's only)
  • - 2 Way Cut: User Optional (High speed version's only)


ACCESSORIES:  (click part number to order)

 Part No.  Description
TX24 DT, FT, PT Series - Extended Rule 24" - 610mm  
TX36 DT, FT, PT Series - Extended Rule 36" - 914mm 
PSC65 PT650 - Stand & Waste Catcher
PSC95 PT950 - Stand & Waste Catcher
PSC125 PT1250 - Stand & Waste Catcher
PSC155 PT1550 - Stand & Waste Catcher
PSC185 PT1850 - Stand & Waste Catcher
PSC215 PT1250 - Stand & Waste Catcher
PSC250 DT2500, FT2500, T2500, PT2500 - Stand & Waste Catcher 
PB6 PT650 - Extension Base
PB9 PT950 - Extension Base
PB12 PT1250 - Extension Base
PB15 PT1550 - Extension Base
PB18 PT1850 - Extension Base
PB21 PT2150 - Extension Base
PB25 PT2500 - Extension Base
KU993 T, DT, FT, PT  Series - Maintenance Pack


Cutters:  (click part number to order)

 Part No.  Description
PT650 RotaTrim PowerTech PT Series Cutter Trimmer - 650mm
PT950 RotaTrim PowerTech PT Series Cutter Trimmer - 950mm
PT1250 RotaTrim PowerTech PT Series Cutter Trimmer - 1250mm
PT1550 RotaTrim PowerTech PT Series Cutter Trimmer - 1550mm
PT1850 RotaTrim PowerTech PT Series Cutter Trimmer - 1850mm
PT2150 RotaTrim PowerTech PTSeries Cutter Trimmer - 2150mm
PT2500 RotaTrim PowerTech PTSeries Cutter Trimmer - 2500mm