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6033585 - A one-sided self adhesive cadmium free crystal clear monomer platicised PVC film. Its high UV resistant coating scratch resistance and attractive glossy finish make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


Neschen Filmolux Photo Gloss - Protection Film 70mic - Premium Quality Film


Designed for:

  • laminating film for classical photos, inkjet- and digital print media like paper, polyester, vinyl, etc.
  • suitable for indoor- and outdoor use


Product Features:

  • improved version of "filmolux photo"
  • 70 µm soft-PVC
  • glossy, smooth, transparent
  • PE liner leads to harmonious glossy finish
  • high tack allows to stick on several with UV-curable inks printed media
  • serves very fast brilliant results (please ensure sufficient drying times of the inks)
  • high UV-protection, almost completely absorption in the UV-B spectrum
  • Neschen Quality Certificate for 2 years outdoor application without edge protection
  • environmentally friendly waterbased adhesive
  • 3 inch core, film inside


Product Structure:


- carrier: 70 µm soft-PVC
- adhesive: waterbased acrylate, permanent
- backing: one side siliconized,
   both side PE laminated paper


603358450m x 104cm
633939100m x 104cm
603358550m x 130cm
6033713100 x 130cm
603358750m x 155cm