Autodesk License Compliance

As a user of Autodesk software you or your company can be selected to undergo an audit process. We at TCS CAD & BIM Solutions Limited can assist you in eliminating the risk of non-compliancy and help you in indentifying any problematic licences within your organisation.

Be on top of your Autodesk Software Asset Management so when audited, don’t get any bad surprises; as you will be ultimately liable to pay 100% of new software price or more. Autodesk is more focused on licence compliance in recent months. Licencing requirements are generally ignored by business, as a simple misunderstanding can lead to over usage or legacy versions still are on the PCs or may be case where maintenance subscription has expired but still using an old version.

Stay compliant by managing your software assets effectively and adopt software asset management (SAM) as a best practice.

  • Keep track of your software licenses
  • Control and protect your software assets
  • Avoid unnecessary risks of noncompliance
  • Save money

What is Autodesk Licence Compliance? This program is designed to empower Autodesk customers to comply with software licensing agreements, understand the risk of non-compliance, and adopt software asset management as a best practices. Autodesk compliance team provides information and tools to help customers to audit their PCs and proactively manage software licenses.

When Autodesk software is installed then each Autodesk software licensee agrees that Autodesk has the right to require an audit of the Autodesk software products. As part of any such audit, Autodesk or its authorized representative will have the right, on fifteen (15) days’ prior notice to licensee, to inspect licensee’s records, systems and facilities, including machine IDs, serial numbers and related information, in order to verify that the use of any and all Autodesk products is in conformance with this agreement and licensee will provide full cooperation to enable any such audit.

 If Autodesk or its authorized representative determines that licensee’s use is not in conformity with the Agreement, Licensee will have to obtain immediately and pay for valid license(s) to bring licensee’s use into compliance with this agreement and other applicable terms and pay the reasonable costs of the audit. In addition to such payment rights, Autodesk reserves the right to seek any other remedies available at law or in equity, whether under this agreement or otherwise.

As part of Autodesk’s effort to help its customers stay compliant and retain the maximum value of its Autodesk software, if your organisation has been selected to participate in our Autodesk Software Compliance Audit Program or If you or your company has received a non-compliance letter from Autodesk and have had agreed resolution with Autodesk License Compliance Consultant then you may contact us to purchase the software and other related services conveniently in order to become fully compliant.

Our support staff can assist in removing illegal licences from your computers, downloading and install valid software, provide you copy of invoice for Autodesk submission, create an online account and provide full and final report thus minimising the downtime for busy professional which occurs when new application is adopted such as problems with activation, configurations, missing features, slow performing workstations, software crashing and other unexpected problems.

If you know anyone using the Autodesk and or AutoCAD software illegally, pirated software or think any particular business in UK or EU may not be fully compliant then please let us know their company name and contact details by completing part of  "Enquiry Form" of left and we shall make them to undergo an audit process at our first convenience.