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6036727 - A monomeric structure matte white PVC film with a single sided dot shaped adhesive coating making it ideal to reposition and handle. Designed to create short term floor graphic advertising Neschen Print n Walk is suitable for use with most UV Curable and latex printers and is highly scratch resistant washable and resistant to a large number of detergents and solvents.



Neschen UV Dot - Print n Walk Floor System




NEW - UV dot print'n'walk

Winner of the Viscom Award 2015 in the category "LFP"


Designed for:

  • unique Floor Graphics film for Floor Graphics advertising
  • not any additional laminating film required
  • extremely easy and bubble free to apply due to the "easy dot" adhesive technology (even when applied by an ordinary person)
  • suitable for indoor use (according to our Floor Graphics application tips)

Product Features:

  • 200 µm structured, white, monomeric soft-PVC
  • "easy dot" adhesive technology
  • R9 certified (IFA DIN 51130), after being printed with Latex- and UV-curable inks
  • fire classification according EN 13501-1 incl. UV-curable inks (class B - s1)
  • certified for 3rd generation HP Latex inks
    (L300 series)
  • 3 inch core, print side outside


Finished rolls cannot be sliced to narrow widths!



30 m x 106,7 cm

Estimated availability from March 2016!



30 m x 137,2 cm

Estimated availability from March 2016!



30 m x 155 cm



Example Ink Compatibility:

  • Compatible with most – UV Cure ink (Please Check Compatibility, Before Purchase)
  • Compatible with most – Latex ink (Please Check Compatibility, Before Purchase)


Example Printer Compatibility:

  • Latex
  • UV Curable