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IFA-39-A4-50 - Innova FibaPrint White Matte has been modelled on the traditional fibre-based material used in conventional photography.

Its ultra-smooth surface and brilliant white colour make it the perfect digital FibaPrint alternative. Designed for high quality fineart and photographics reproduction print applications with inkjet (giclee) technology. FibraPrint White Matte has a very large colour gamut.

The highly acclaimed award winning Innova FibaPrint range has been designed as a digital solution to the traditional Fibre based baryta papers used in the conventional darkroom.

Innova FibaPrint Features:

Very large colour gamut, Great colour accuracy, Archival quality, Dye & Pigment ink compatible, High white, Ultra smooth surface, Alpha Cellulose.

Innova FibaPrint Aplications Include:

Digital Fibre prints - Black & White & Colour, Fine art & Photographic reproduction, Photo restoration, Original image reproductions, Photo albums and graphic display.

Innova ICC Profiles for:

Hewlett Packard