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MAKERBOT REPLICATOR Z18 3D PRINTER - Used (ex-display unit), as new.

Massive Build Volume for the Professional Innovators.

With a massive build volume and the best price-to-performance ratio in the extra-large professional printer category the MakerBot Replicator Z18 3D printer solution is ideal for hands-on and technically adept users.

MakerBot Replicator Z18 seamlessly integrates with the growing MakerBot 3D EcoSystem of hardware software materials and accessories. Its powered by the user-friendly app and cloud enabled MakerBot OS enabling you to remotely monitor your important 3D printing projects.

Key Specifications

Print Technology: Fused Deposition Modelling
Build Volume:  30.5 L x 30.5 W x 45.7 H cm [12.0 L x 12.0 W x 18.0 H in] 42,512 cubic centimetres [2,592 cubic inches]

Layer Resolution: 100 microns [0.0039 in]
Filament Diameter:  1.75 mm [0.069 in]

MakerBot PLA Filament Large: 0.90 kg [2.0 lb] XL: 2.26 kg [5.0 lb]* XXL: 4.53 kg [10.0 lb]
Requires MakerBot Filament Case

Build Plate: Injection-moulded PC-ABS
Print Chamber: Enclosed and heated build chamber

Product Dimensions:  49.3 L x 56.5 W x 85.4 H cm [19.4 L x 22.2 W x 33.6 H in]
Product Weight: 41 kg [90 lbs]

Eectrical Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC; 5.4-2.2 A; 50/60 HZ; 350 W

Makerbot Operating Systems: Windows (7+) MAC OS X (10.7+) Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora)

Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, Wi-fi

Camera Resolution: 320 x 240

SUPPLIES:(click part number to order)

pla materialSmall ReelLarge Reel
 Part No.   Price   Part No.  Price 
 MakerBot True Colour – White **MP05780£41MP05790£16
 MakerBot True Colour – Black **MP05775£41MP05823£16
 MakerBot True Colour – Cool Grey **MP05784£41MP05794£16
 MakerBot True Colour – RedMP05779£41MP05789£16
 MakerBot True Colour – BlueMP05776£41MP05796£16
 MakerBot True Colour – Warm Grey **MP05783£41MP05793£16
 MakerBot True Colour – GreenMP05952£41MP05951£16
 MakerBot True Colour – OrangeMP05777£41MP05787£16
 MakerBot True Colour – YellowMP05781£41MP05791£16
 MakerBot True Colour – PurpleMP05778£41MP05788£16
 MakerBot True Colour – BrownMP06639£41MP06642£16
 MakerBot True Colour – Neon PinkMP06048£57MP06049£24
 MakerBot True Colour – Neon OrangeMP06050£57MP06051£24
 MakerBot True Colour – Neon GreenMP06052 £57MP06053£24
 MakerBot Translucent – Natural (Clear)  MP05612£41MP05792£16
 MakerBot Translucent – RedMP05762£57MP05763£24
 MakerBot Translucent – OrangeMP05764£57MP05765£24
 MakerBot Translucent – YellowMP05766£57MP05767£24
 MakerBot Translucent – GreenMP05760£57MP05761 £24
 MakerBot Translucent – BlueMP05758£57MP05759£24
 MakerBot Translucent – PurpleMP05768£57MP05769£24
 MakerBot Speciality – KhakiMP06103£41MP06117£16
 MakerBot Speciality – Army GreenMP06101£41MP06115£16
 MakerBot Speciality – Ocean BlueMP06102£41MP06116£16
 MakerBot Speciality – Light BrownMP06638£41MP06641£16
 MakerBot Speciality – PeachMP06637£41MP06640£16
 MakerBot Speciality – Glow in the DarkMP05785 £41MP05795£16
 MakerBot Tough PLA Bundle 3 x Spools 1 x Extruder+111752-00£312
 MakerBot Replicator Z18 Build PlateMP06627£81
 MakerBot Replicator Z18 Build Plate Tape Box of 4MP06626£94
 MakerBot Z18 Smart Extruder+MP07376£148

**Available in XXL Reel Size (For Replicator Z18 only)

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