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MAKERBOT PRINT TOUGH PLA - Tough Safety Orange Filament - Replicator,  Replicator+ & Z18 900g


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Print Tough, Print with confidence

MakerBot Tough PLA filament was developed for its strength and part performance, this stops the issues ABS filament suffers from, warping and curling. To print using MakerBot Tough filament, no excessive adjustment is deeded to the MakerBot 3D printer. The installation of a MakerBot Tough Smart Extruder+, is required. MakerBot® Tough™ PLA filament has 2 x the impact strength of ABS. The superior durability is ideal for both industrial prototyping and manufacturing.

MakerBot® Tough™ PLA filament gives designers and engineers the capability of creating durable & usable parts which hold up under all types of stress, tensile and flexural strength that match ABS. The durability of the MakerBot Tough PLA filament is ideal for machining and post-processing, using a CNC machine or drill press. The MakerBot Tough PLA filament can be taped with threads to bolt on other parts. The parts can be sanded and painted for a finished piece.


• Engineered for durable 3D printed prototypes and fixtures

• 2 x the impact strength of ABS for high durability prototypes

• Ideal for working prototypes and manufacturing aids

• Significantly less warping and curling than ABS without the need for heated build plates

• Highly-machinable for a wide range of post-processing techniques

• More office friendly than ABS


What's in the box: 900g Tough PLA Filament

Machine Compatibility: MakerBot Replicator +, Replicator & Z18

Warranty: The PLA material will be fit for purpose and free of manufacturing defects 90 days from date of purchase.


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Tough PLA

For Use With

Tough Extruder+


 MakerBot Tough - Safety Orange375-0009ATBC
 MakerBot Tough - Stone White375-0008ATBC
 MakerBot Tough - Onyx Black375-0007ATBC
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