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CA50-015 - The Keencut TC Glass Cutting Wheel is compatible with the SteelTrak and Excalibur Series.

ST210 - The SteelTraK sheet material cutter is a heavy duty ultra strong cutter designed and purpose built for signmakers.

This free standing or wall mountable device will allow you to cut glass 4mm aluminium composite board and 13mm foamboard in one pass leaving a remarkably smooth and square finish.

The STEELTRAK has been designed and built by Keencut engineers to surpass all current standards and meet the exeptional demands of the 21st century sign industry.

Building on the huge success of the all-purpose Keencut Excalibur, and recognising the increasing demands of thicker, tougher sign materials, the design brief was simple: “Create a brand new vertical cutting machine exclusively for the Sign Maker. It must be the best manual cutter ever made but offer exceptional value for money. It must be strong, versatile, capable, easy to use, virtually maintenance free and built to last almost indefinitely. It must withstand the closest scrutiny, the toughest tests and deserve a place in every sign making workshop.”

The Keencut SteelTrack ST210 Will Cut: Acrylic/Plexglas/Aluminium/Aluminium Composite Panels/Dibond/MDF/Glass/Cardboard/Conservation Board/Corrugated Plastic/Foam-Centered Board/Flexible Polycarbonate/Mountboard/Polystyrene/PVC Foamboard/Forex

Excalibur 5000 Material Cutter:

The Keencut Excalibur 5000 sheet material cutter has an ingenious indexed turret mounting that by simply turning the head can lock into any one of three cutting tools. Quickly with no screws to loosen or tools to find. Everything is where it is needed when it is needed. Product Codes ECX5122, EXC5160.

Excalibur 1000X Material Cutter:

The Excalibur 1000X is an economical solution for those people who have the occasional requirement to cut material up to 1.6m (63in). This new model features a multi-tool cutting head like that found on the Excalibur 5000 allowing instant change between glass cutting acrylic scoring and board cutting. Product Code EXC1X.