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CA50-027 - The Keencut XR Blades are compatible with the Javelin, Practik, Simplex and Sabre machines.

Javelin High Precision Cutter Bar:

The Javelin range of precision wide-format cutter bars is designed to exceed the most demanding standards of accuracy. The unique design of the Javelin allows Keencut technicians to factory adjust for straightness, using laser technology, to within 0.2mm over the 3.1 metre length of the cutter bar (1:15000) Product Codes JAV100, JAV110, JAV150, JAV160, JAV200, JAV210, JAV250, JAV260, JAV300, JAV310.

Practik General Purpose Cutter Bar:

Keencut’s extensive range of cutter bars offer a standard of straight, square and clean cutting that is impossible to achieve with a craft knife and straight edge. Product Codes PRA110, PRA210, PRA260, PRA310.

Simplex Entry Level Cutter Bar:

The innovative design of the Keencut Simplex offers exact accuracy for general purpose cutting of wide format materials up to 3.1 metres in width. The Simplex carries a straightness guarantee of 1.00mm or 1:3000 over the entire length and is an economical alternative to the Javelin when less extreme accuracy is required. Product Codes SIM110, SIM160, SIM210, SIM260, SIM310.

Sabre General Purpose Cutter Bar and Base:

Superbly styled, the Sabre is essentially a Practik cutter bar with it’s own integral base. The extruded and silver anodised aluminium base incorporates a narrow groove to accept the blade tip when cutting, a full length silicon rubber grip strip mounted in the surface of the base and two more on the underside of the cutter bar ensures all work is held perfectly in place while cutting and provides protection for even the most sensitive surfaces. Product Code SAB100.