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Keencut’s Evolution3 cutter trimmer, three new models, FreeHand (portable version), BenchTop (fixes to a work surface) and SmartFold (stows underneath the bench) trimmer cutters, with QuikSwap tool heads, set new quality and performance standards for manual cutting machines, making accurate cutting easier than ever before and to exceed the most demanding standards of accuracy.

The Evolution3 FreeHand, BenchTop and SmartFold cutter trimmer design combines the latest engineering developments with high production standards and guaranteed 0.2mm precision cutting and trimming accuracy. The simple, rapid and accurate alignment of materials increases productivity and saves money.

As with all Keencut products, the Evolution3 is offered with a full 5-year guarantee.

The Evolution3 cutter trimmer features Keencut’s unique Lift and Hover avaible on the Benchtop & Smartfold models enables single handed, fast and accurate alignment of all media irrespective of its thickness. A clutch device within the Lift and Hover system enables the Evolution3 cutter trimmer clamping bar to be easily raised then lowered so it hovers just millimetres above the material surface there is no scooping or sag. The anti-sag mechanism means the Evolution3 cutter trimmer bar can be suspended exactly parallel to the media surface over the whole length of the cut with zero sag, even on the longest size of cutter. The Evolution3 cutter trimmer sightline strip then shows precisely where the cut will be made, ensuring guaranteed high precision accuracy with every cut.

All three of Keencut’s new Evolution3 models, FreeHand, BenchTop and SmartFold cutter trimmer, feature the new QuikSwap tool heads give the Evolution3 cutter trimmer a degree of customisation unmatched by any other cutter. Each Evolution3 QuikSwap tool head is designed for a specific purpose such as general cutting, trimming (QuikSwap Double Graphik tool head), creasing (Evolution3 QuikSwapCreaser tool head) or fabric cutting (Evolution3 QuikSwap Fabric tool head). The QuikSwap tool heads can be simply attached and removed from the cutter trimmer in seconds, ensuring ease of-use and improved productivity. Keencut is also continuing to develop new QuickSwap tools to make the Evolution3 Trimmer cutter a truly future proof cutting and trimming solution.


Evolution3100% Manufactured in the UK using heavy-duty track and all of the main components are machined by Keencut to ensure full quality control.


The Keencut Evolution3 series trimmer cutter Will Cut (QuikSwap Tool Head Dependent):

evolution3 fabric tool head

Evolution3 QuikSwap Double Graphik tool head for the FreeHand, BenchTop & SmartFold:

For example: Vinyl, banner, cardboard, up to 13mm PVC foamboard, foamcentred board, corrugated plastic & paper, pop-up & roll-up materials.

Evolution3 QuikSwap Fabric tool head for the FreeHand, BenchTop & SmartFold:

For example: Fabric, paper, film, vinyl, banners, delicate materials


The Keencut Evolution3 trimmer will crease (QuikSwap Tool Head Dependent):

evolution3 crease tool head

Evolution3 QuikSwapCreaser tool head for the FreeHand, BenchTop & SmartFold:

For example: Stout paper and card, cardboard, grey board


Standard Tools & Accessories Included with the Evolution3 trimmer FreeHand, BenchTop & SmartFold:

Double Graphik tool head & Pack of 100 Graphik blades.


EVOLUTION3 ACCESSORIES:  (click part number to order)

 Part No.  Description
E3T-GR2 Keencut Evolution3Double Graphik Tool Head
E3T-FAB Keencut Evolution3Fabrik Tool Head
E3T-CRE Keencut Evolution3Creaser Tool Head
CA50-032 Keencut Evolution3 Graphik Blades (Box of 100)
CIR45 Keencut Evolution3 Circular Textile Blades (Box of 10)  
SLS Keencut Evolution3 Sightline Strip 1.5m (Box of 3) 


THE EVOLUTION3 FULL SERIES:  (click part number to order)

 Part No.  Description
E3FH110 Keencut Evolution3 FreeHand Cutter Trimmer - 1100mm 
E3BT110 Keencut Evolution3 BenchTop Cutter Trimmer - 1100mm
E3SF110 Keencut Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter Trimmer - 1100mm
E3FH160 Keencut Evolution3 FreeHand Cutter Trimmer - 1600mm
E3BT160 Keencut Evolution3 BenchTop Cutter Trimmer - 1600mm
E3SF160 Keencut Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter Trimmer - 1600mm
E3FH210 Keencut Evolution3 FreeHand Cutter Trimmer - 2100mm
E3BT210 Keencut Evolution3 BenchTop Cutter Trimmer - 2100mm
E3SF210 Keencut Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter Trimmer - 2100mm
E3FH260 Keencut Evolution3 FreeHand Cutter Trimmer - 2600mm
E3BT260 Keencut Evolution3 BenchTop Cutter Trimmer - 2600mm
E3SF260 Keencut Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter Trimmer - 2600mm
E3FH310 Keencut Evolution3 FreeHand Cutter Trimmer - 3100mm
E3BT310 Keencut Evolution3 BenchTop Cutter Trimmer - 3100mm
E3SF310 Keencut Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter Trimmer - 3100mm